Bartoons #7: Nothing But Vodka

Aging millennial and modern day procrastinator David Yeung – better known to the bar folk by his nickname Dave Jony – spends a lot of time on the phone like most of his peers, and started reading web comics like Strange Planet and Extra Fabulous Comics. As a child, drawing was one of his earliest hobbies, though procrastination meant he never practiced as much as he should have. However, sparked by the rise of social media and being able to share his work easily this way, Dave decided to start a comic devoted to the F&B industry.

With more than the decade’s experience in the field before joining The Bar Awards family as Hustler Honcho #2, the intrepid storyteller credits his inspiration to the occasional ridiculous happenstance that his friends find themselves in and everyday musings when he spends time at the bar – which he continues to do today. This means that there’s a huge repertoire of stories ready to go, and he believes that this is God’s way of giving something back for his bad eyesight.

Some future plans he’s got for the series include refining the style of art, and creating toon characters based on his real life, shaker slinging friends (with their permission, of course). The long game and masterplan? To get rich selling merch for an early retirement!

Bartoons will see a new release every two weeks, so come back on January 2 next year for Bartoons #8 or follow us on Instagram at @funsizebartoons.

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