Bartoons #9: New Year Drink

‘New year new me’, well, that is what they say but apparently the humour has still not moved on. Or so I thought,  apparently in 2020 I haven’t heard a single person regurgitate this old joke yet. This gives me hope that this will be a good year.

#funsizebartoons Is a bi-weekly comic strip series that takes a whimsical look at our F&B scene through the eyes of one  Dave Jony. An aging millennial and modern day procrastinator also known as David Yeung, he always has a witty comeback one hour too late, and people have always wondered what goes on in his head. Well, here they are. Bits and pieces of it because people have to know. The comics are inspired by (mostly) amusing situations that happens during service, which means that the more Dave Jony hangs out at bars, the more comics are released! If you are a fan of online comics like ‘Strange Planet’ or ‘Pixie and Brutus’, then this might appeal to you.

With more than the decade’s experience in the field before joining The Bar Awards family as Hustler Honcho #2, the intrepid storyteller credits his inspiration to the occasional ridiculous happenstance that his friends find themselves in and everyday musings when he spends time at the bar – which he continues to do today. This means that there’s a huge repertoire of stories ready to go, and he believes that this is God’s way of giving something back for his bad eyesight.

#funsizebartoons will see a new release every two weeks, so come back on January 30 for Bartoons #10, or follow us on Instagram at @funsizebartoons.

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