Craft Brews and Chill: Off Day Beer Company Launches in Singapore

Call us chronic tipplers, but booze has been with us through good times and bad. A good brew has seen us through those ‘off’ days where nothing goes right; it’s been the perfect cap, too, to those chill days off, toasting our rare escapes from the daily grind. It’s this marvellous versatility that new Singapore brewery Off Day Beer Company centres itself around, with a range of pint-sized companions crafted to suit all occasions.

Off Day Beer is the brainchild of five well-known names, whose combined list of passion projects read like a rolodex of Singapore’s craft beer scene – Casey Choo of That Singapore Beer Project; Daryl Yeap of Daryl’s Urban Ales; Jasmin Wong and Kasster Soh, co-founders of Temple Cellars, Freehouse, and The Mad Tapper; along with Kevin Ngan of The General Brewing Co and Good Luck Beerhouse. With their latest beer project, the five are carrying on their passion for bringing delicious, accessible brews to the people.

Four beers form the core range of their first release, each a winning blend of easygoing and hop-forward. The flagship Off Day Beer is a supremely drinkable session IPA, dancing with bright lemon and passionfruit flavours imparted by American hops. With a light body and clean finish, it’s a thirst quencher for all occasions. Just as crisp is the Off Day Pale, a pale ale with a malty profile nicely balanced by citrus hops and floral notes.

The latter two brews take us venturing into hazier territory. Low on ABV yet rich in mouthfeel, the Off Day Haze brings all the joy of biting into a ripe mango. Think juicy bursts of stone fruit rounded out by oaty sweetness, with a zesty kick of grapefruit on the finish.

Bringing up the rear is the Off Day Double, a double IPA packed with piney, resinous flavours. Backed by a touch of toffee stickiness and lingering bitterness, this brew is the boldest hop bomb of them all.

Hankering for a spot of craft brew and chill? The Off Day beers will be available at selected bars across Singapore, but the team also has plans in the works for monthly Off Day Sessions. These community sessions will see an ever-changing slate of activities – pottery, cycling, running and so forth – to relish with good company and a pint in hand. After all, an Off Day™ indulgence is more than just a liquid choice – it’s a lifestyle.

Off Day beers are now available on tap and in bottles at selected bars across Singapore, including 3rd Culture Brewing Co., Good Luck Beerhouse, SG TAPS, Almost Famous Craft Beer Bar, In Bad Co., Smith Street Taps, American Taproom, Orh Gao Taproom, Temple Cellars, and Freehouse.

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