Il Borro’s Organic Wines Reach Singapore’s Shores With Five Labels

It’s hard to believe that Il Borro, the family-owned business in the heart of Tuscany, Italy, was once a fortified castle. Now transformed into a medieval village that’s home to two restaurants, a spa, a wine & Art Gallery, and organic vineyards, Il Borro is pretty much a luxury integrated resort that stays true to its former glory.

For the first time, Il Borro’s organic biodynamic wines will be made available in Singapore. The premiere launch, hosted by LeVeL33 Craft-Brewery Restaurant & Lounge, celebrated with a special wine pairing menu crafted by in-house Executive Chef ArChan.

The five wines introduced are a mix of one white and four reds; Lamelle (100% Chardonnay) is the only white among all the organic variants produced in this winery. The youngest of the family, Lamelle is a fruity and mineral white that’s ideal for pairing with fish dishes and appetisers.

Meanwhile, the reds have a fair mix of blends and varietals that match to the diverse flavours of Tuscan cuisine. Both 100% Sangiovese, Petruna Anfora owns a characteristic maturation from the daily practice of “follatura” during the fermentation process, while its sister Polissena is slightly drier with light hints of tannins. Both pair well with meat and cheese dishes, with Petruna Anfora more suited for lighter courses and Polissena for mains.

The last two of the lot are classic blends with high significance to the brand. The mouth-watering Borrigiano is the first of its family under the designation “Valdarno di Sopra DOC”, a testament to its controlled origins and organic production. Best served chilled, it’s an all-round partner that complements most dishes, from bread-based soups to lighter main courses. Whereas namesake Il Borro has an intense flavour with spicy scents, boasting a good body and persistent finish that pairs perfectly with Asiatic dishes.

AD of Il Borro Mr. Salvatore Ferragamo shares their philosophy: Sustainability and Hospitality.

The excellent quality of wines are no mere accident. Il Borro boasts a unique climate of mild winters, and its natural floodplain terrain allows for optimal exposure of the vineyards. No surprise, the region has been renowned for wine since ancient times. Coupled with their organic viticulture, manual harvesting and strict selection by barrel tasting, the taste of their sustainable and organic fine wines is testament to their story.

However, what makes Il Borro truly shine among the crowd is their constant focus on the ecosystem. In 2012, they started their conversion to biodynamic agriculture; by 2015 the whole production process and viticulture are organic. Today, they run completely on renewable energy, with a zero-energy bill and negative carbon footprint.

While it isn’t the first time they’ve been introduced in Singapore, Il Borro is finally here to stay in Singapore’s market, retailing at LeVel 33 Craft-Brewery Restaurant & Lounge and Enoteca outlets, the latter being the official distributor of the wines. For the most of us who want to show support for sustainable businesses and not compromise on quality, try Il Borro for fine wine that’s great for the planet and your palate.

Il Borro is available at LeVel 33 Craft-Brewery Restaurant & Lounge, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Tower 1, #33-01, Singapore 018981, and Enoteca Co. Ltd, 391 Orchard Road #B2-01/02, Takashimaya Departmental Store, Singapore 238873, p.+65 6836 3068.

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