London Essence Co’s Mixers For Your Next Highball Cocktail

The London Essence Company is older than all of our grandparents. Yet, it wasn’t always making tonics and other non-alcoholic mixers — at least, not when it was first founded in 1896 on the banks of River Thames. Come the tail end of 2016, the company has gone from distilling essences for leading perfume houses to creating some incredible products for cocktails.

Rather than masking the complex flavour profiles, the Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic Water is designed to flatter more botanical and citrusy spirits.

Bursting onto the international scene across markets like the United States, Malaysia, and now Singapore, these guys create light and elegant tonics with the purest flavours achieved through the same traditional distillation techniques they’ve been using for generations. The star of their range is the flagship London Tonic Water with precise balance between sweet citrus notes, bitter quinine, and distilled juniper essence. Together with a London Dry Gin, it makes for a classic G&T spewing aromas of juniper and forest pine mellowed out with toasty orange marmalade.

Amongst their other products, the Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic Water is delicately layered with the herbaceous edge of rosemary and grapefruit oils, with a hint of quinine. This pairs well with citrus-led gins, and for the more adventurous, the bitterness of a good vermouth and other aperitifs. There’s also a Bitter Orange & Elderflower variant for complementing juniper-heavy gins and grape- or rye-based vodkas.

The London Essence Company’s mixers come inspired by innovation, craftsmanship, and decades of knowledge in the science of distillation.

If you enjoy ginger-based mixers, London Essence Company has two products to flatter your tipples. The Delicate Ginger Ale features steeped ginger root with background notes of aniseed distillate, and we recommend matching this up with blended whiskies — or cognac, for a more contemporary take. Or the Perfectly Spiced Ginger Beer, with a stronger profile of spice and hops for showcasing dark rum, bourbon, or Añejo tequila.

The best part for the calorie counters out there? London Essence Company’s mixers contain half the calories and sugar content of the average premium mixer — under 20 calories and four grams of sugar in each 100ml bottle. As they are now, the brand’s premium mixers are as sophisticated as they come, comparable to other market leaders such as Fever-Tree and East Imperial. With so many brands available, is there a better time in history to drink highballs?

The London Essence Company’s mixers will be used by various bars across Singapore, including Manhattan and ATLAS, and can be purchased on RedMart.

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