New Year, New Skills: Useful Courses for Dedicated F&B Professionals on SkillsFuture to Help Level Up Your Career

Singapore is a city strong in its culinary and bar scene, with the community coming up with amazing events and many forms of governmental support – Singapore Tourism Board is a major sponsor of Asia’s 50 Best Bars hosting its ceremony in the city state. On the individual end though, one such support is ‘SkillsFuture’, a government initiative designed to help Singaporeans attain skills proficiency across various different fields.

What is SkillsFuture?

The people of Singapore has been said to be the only ‘natural resources’ that our country offers. With that in mind, there is a correlation between the skills of the people and the future of the country. With SkillsFuture, you can look forward to learning new skills such as: photography, finance, tech, fashion, marketing, and more. These programs are categorised based on various skill levels, and they cater to the whole spectrum – whether you’re a fresh graduate or a senior employer. As a Singaporean or Permanent Resident, you will have an allocated amount of SkillsFuture credit, as long as you are above the age of 25.

Why F&B Professionals Should Make Use of It

Our F&B scene is evolving quicker than it has ever been, and the last few years have seen explosive growth for restaurants, bars and cafes. Today, bartenders are looking to improve their photography and online marketing, while servers are honing their skills on design softwares like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Being multi-disciplinary pays off both in our professional and personal lives, and for many it brings a certain ‘satisfaction’ to their daily lives.

Some Courses to Consider…

We took a look at the huge list of courses available, and narrowed down some strong picks that we think would really help the modern Singapore F&B employee. These are mostly courses that most would not naturally learn as they go about their daily work routine.


Creating visual content for social media is a big part of a venue’s day-to-day now. This course will help you understand basic product photography and how to set up an actual photoshoot for those appealing shots. Now you can post even more amazing pictures of your cocktails on your feed!

Curate digital visual content with product styling and photography here.


If you are thinking about designing a simple menu, banner or even a quick design for a company shirt, then this course has you covered. What is the difference between raster and vector art, it is time to find out! Apply your creativity to art here.

Create graphics with Adobe Illustrator here.


This course aims to equip students with basic barista skills, and covers coffee from various parts of the world. Bartenders and servers aiming to expand their repertoire might find this useful, while baristas will already have this in the bag.

Get your speciality coffee knowledge here.


This course examines the modern digital age and how it relates to the F&B workspace, with a focus on data analytics, innovation, technology and mindset change. If you are thinking about how said digital age will affect, or even improve, on how your venue works, then definitely have a look here.

Get your digital workspace sorted here.


Marketing is a key part of a venue’s growth. This course will guide your interaction with customers on social media through developing strategies, marketing campaigns and engaging digital content. 

Learn how to engage F&B customers through social media here.


If you’re the sort that finds yourself talking with guests about life problems, or even occasionally listening to your co-worker’s woes, then you’re the best of us. This introductory course will allow you to practice basic counselling skills, such as effective listening and more.

Get introduced to counselling here.


If you regularly find yourself moving to your venue’s music, or if you would like to improve your poise, then this might be the course for you. Improve your motor skills with this course by understanding your body movement through dancing. Students will learn how the body works, reflexes, posture, and more.

Get into the conscious dance movement here.

Don’t let those credits go to waste, if nothing else, we highly recommend taking some time to explore SkillsFuture website because there are some truly fascinating courses available. Learning is a lifelong process after all, and we could all have secondary skills to up our game.

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