Our NAVS (Nomination and Voting System)

The Bar Awards Nominations and Voting System (or NAVS, as we like to call it) happens in four stages: Lead Panel, Categories, Public Nominations, Panel Voting.


The first stage of the NAVS starts with the Lead Panel, a small group of about 10 leaders of the local bar and beverage community. They have been selected based on their dedication and commitment to the growth of their community.

The Lead Panel is responsible for determining the categories and also determining the other members (there will be around 40-50 people in total on The Panel) that will join the judging process for The Bar Awards.


Once we have determined the members of the Lead Panel, The Bar Awards makes sure to meet with each member (in a group or individually) to find out their thoughts and opinions on their community. Frequently discussed topics include:

  • What areas of the local bar, beverage and hospitality scene needs acknowledgement?
  • Where are people investing a lot of time and effort into developing a better bar, beverage and/or hospitality experience?
  • What aspects of the local bar, beverage and hospitality scene would you like to see improve, develop and/or grow?

The categories are determined from the results of these discussions and input.


Once the categories have been determined, The Bar Awards is open for public nominations. Public Nominations allows for anyone and everyone to have a voice, especially the consumer and members of the public. This gives the consumers a chance to show support by nominating their favourite bar or bartender for The Bar Awards.

During this stage, we encourage each and every individual and organisation to also nominate themselves. The people who knows what you do best is you!


After the Public Nominations have closed, the nominations are tallied and passed onto The Panel to determined the Top 10, the Top 4 and the winners for each category.

The Panel is chosen based on…

  • Their involvement and contribution to the local bar and beverage community
  • Their knowledge and understanding of achievement and excellence in the bar and beverage industry
  • Their knowledge and understanding of the hospitality industry as a whole
  • They frequent and enjoy bar, beverage and hospitality experiences
  • They keep up to date with both local and international bar and beverage news

The Bar Awards makes sure that there is a balance between the many aspects of the food & beverage industry on The Panel. There is representation from all aspects of the industry; this may include owners, managers, bartenders, consumers, media, chefs, and brand ambassadors.

The Bar Awards also makes sure to limit each company to only one member on The Panel. To put it simply, “one company, one vote.”

To help you visualise our NAVs process, we’ve come up with this handy infographic:


Meet our Panellists of 2018/2019 of each city.

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