Tanduay Rum Comes To Singapore

Once a by-product of the sugar cane industry, rum has superseded its the reputation of being the liquor of the lawless to becoming a spirit enjoyed in its own right. And while some refer to it as the patron saint of freshman hangovers, artisan breweries and serious contenders have made the poor man’s liquid gold something worth even the most discerning drinkers while.

For Philippine-born Tanduay Distillers, Inc., their 165-year-old brand makes an entrance into Singapore, and they’re bringing their World’s Number One title with it.

There’re a variety of incoming rums from the brand, like the signature Tanduay Rum White (40% ABV) and Tanduay Rum Dark (40% ABV). The latter is a typical dark rum with caramel and cola on the palette. The former – a medium-bodied spirit with notes of coconut and a peppery-sweet taste, with a smooth, citrus-forward finish that works well in a cocktail.

But we’re more interested in Tanduay’s more unique offerings, such as the Tanduay Asian Rum Silver (40% ABV). Unlike traditional white rums, this blended spirit takes on a faint straw-yellow tinge, due to ageing in ex-bourbon casks for up to five years. There’s a fruity aroma of grapefruit and lemon peel, which translate equally to taste. The Tanduay Asian Rum Gold (40% ABV), on the other hand, would appeal more to those who love warm and sweet wooden scents like oak and caramel.

Speaking of blends, Tanduay’s Double Rum (40% ABV) marries two rums (aged 16 and 5) and ages them 2 years longer. The result is a golden-amber rum with a complex medium body, and bring us back to a So-Cal campfire by the beach with notes of wood, toasted nuts and roasted pineapple.

You’ll find Tanduay behind the bar at El Mesa by Octapas or Origin Grill at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore; or, buy a bottle for your bar at home online.

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