The Bar Awards’ Christmas Boozy Gift Guide 2019

‘Tis the season of giving, and there’s no better way to an aficionado’s heart than with some good ol’ spirits and wines. Whether it’s a limited edition festive gift pack or an obscure label that gets our heart pumping, there’s definitely something for everyone in this year’s booziest guide to festive gifting.


Port Charlotte 10

Featuring a ‘drawbridge’ pack design in a sleek, matte black, the Port Charlotte 10 Glass Pack draws attention to the distinctive bottle design of the Islay single malt. Paired with two specially-crafted Bruichladdich dram glasses, it’s a complete experience in a box, and the perfect gift for fans of peated whiskies.

The Port Charlotte 10 Glass Pack (S$158) is available at 1855 The Bottle Shop and other select retailers.

Six Saints Rum

No other spirit evokes the same fruity, tropical vibes like rum. Lovingly handcrafted on the tiny Caribbean island of Grenada, Six Saints Rum is distilled in small batches using only the purest of ingredients, without any additional spices or colourings. Grenadian rum has been worshipped by the islanders for years, but it’s still relatively unknown even to the staunchest of rum drinkers, making Six Saints Rum the perfect gift for the rum lovers in your life. 

Currently on sale at S$90, you can pick up a bottle here.

CornerStone Ice Wine

Whenever wine pairing is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the rich taste of European cuisine matched with the delicate flavours of grape. CornerStone wine seeks to break the norm by blending their own style of wines to pair harmoniously with Asian cuisine. This holiday season, the CornerStone Ice Wine makes for the perfect end to nights of dinners, gatherings, and festivities. Intense and fruity, the beautiful golden liquid shows off stone fruit notes with a satisfying lingering finish that ends off with pure fruit acids.

From now till 31 December 2019, enjoy a 1-for-1 deal when you purchase CornerStone Ice Wine (S$39) here.

Botanist Gin

True to the spirit of its name, the Botanist Self Watering Herb Planter Gift Pack is the greatest gift for the budding home mixologist and chef with green thumbs. The limited edition set features a self-watering herb planter styled with the same iconic motifs of the Botanist bottle – the perfect opportunity to cultivate and grow herbs for the next big gin creation. The gift pack also includes a foraged cocktail booklet to serve as an inspirational guide into the world of artisanal gin concoctions.

The Botanist Self Watering Herb Planter Gift Pack (S$115) is available at 1855 The Bottle Shop and other select retailers.

Apple Pie Shine by Melbourne Moonshine

Hark back to the days of prohibition with the Apple Pie Shine by Melbourne Moonshine, a traditional sipping shine frequently best enjoyed during winter, but can be easily enjoyed all year round. Using triple-distilled Moonshine and a blend of freshly juiced apples and spices, the bright golden spirit is a delicious combination of sweetness with hits of cinnamon and nutmeg. Enjoyable both over ice and warmed, the Apple Pie Shine is the gift for the booze lover with a sweet tooth.

Apple Pie Moonshine by Melbourne Moonshine (S$100) can be found at Temple Cellars as well as online.


Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14

A blend of Caribbean flavours mixed with the goodness of quality wood, the Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 is a bold bottling that’ll guaranteed to impress. A proprietary blend of rums from the Caribbean is used to season the casks, lending a tropical sweetness that further matures this 14-year-old expression. Rich and sweet with creamy toffee and fresh fruit notes on the nose, the Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 is rounded with vanilla and sweet oak for a soft and lingering finish on the palate. Accompanied with a leather coaster and a whisky glass, it has all you need for a wonderful whisky night.

The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 Gift Box (PHP4,999) is available exclusively in all S&R outlets excluding Imus, Cabanatuan, and Lipa from mid December 2019 onwards.

Hendrick’s Gin

Created from 11 fine botanicals, Hendrick’s has fully embraced the whimsical world of the unusual and the marvellous with its gin. A curious infusion of rose and cucumber imbues the spirit with its distinct crisp and balanced flavour, resulting in an unimpeachably smooth gin. Hendrick’s Gin cocktails are best garnished with a cucumber to bring out these flavours, that’s why this holiday season, when you pick up a bottle of Hendrick’s, you’ll receive a Cucumber Curling Apparatus to help you transform simple cucumbers into sublime garnishes for your next cocktail.

The Hendrick’s Curling Apparatus Set (PHP1,799) is available at all S&R Outlets.


Chalong Bay Rum

Chalong Bay Rum is the result of a beautiful marriage between the traditional French art of distillation and the rich sugarcane heritage of Thailand. Made from 100% natural sugarcane juice, each bottle is handcrafted sustainably in a traditional copper still using a centuries-old distillation process, resulting in an award-winning rum that’s robust in character and smoothness. Distinct in nose and palate, Chalong Bay Rum is an ideal stocking-stuffer for those who seek something similar, yet different.

Chalong Bay Rum (690 THB) is available online here.

Perrier Pink Grapefruit

If you’re looking to infuse a little flavour into your highballs or other soda-based concoctions, look no further than the Perrier Pink Grapefruit. Combining the subtle sweet and tart flavours of pink grapefruit with the carbonated goodness of Perrier’s sparkling natural mineral water from France, the Perrier Pink Grapefruit is the ideal alternative to regular club soda and soft drinks used in many cocktails. With zero calories and zero sweeteners, it’s also great on its own as a sophisticated choice to satisfy your thirst.

Perrier Pink Grapefruit (THB39, 250ml) is available online.

Fentimans Oriental Yuzu Tonic Water

When it comes to G&Ts, one cannot neglect the type of tonic water used, for it would sully the delicate botanicals of the gin base. Fentimans Oriental Yuzu Tonic Water is a refreshing and uplifting tonic that’s infused with Yuzu extracts with subtle herbal undertones using a time-honoured method. Bright, vibrant, and citrusy, it goes very well with botanically rich gins transforming and elevating your gin tonic prowess to the next level.

Fentimans Oriental Yuzu Tonic Water (THB49, 125ml) is available online.


GlenDronach 12

Superbly rich, the GlenDronach 12 is matured in a combination of the finest Spanish Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry casks for that deep, amber-red gold colour. Oh, not forgetting that sweet, creamy vanilla, and spicy mouthfeel. Hints of raisins and soft fruits accentuate the palate, resulting in a multi-dimensional dram of remarkable intensity and a lasting finish.

The GlenDronach 12 is available for purchase from Drinks Connexion.

Herradura Tequila

Born in 1870, Casa Herradura stands in its ancient grounds as the last tequila-producing Hacienda on the planet, crafting some of the finest tequilas in the world. Fresh agave juice is fermented in a recipe dating back centuries, and it is within this Hacienda’s walls that the first reposado was invented. This festive season, take a sip of heritage with the various offerings from Herradura, such as the Herradura Silver, Herradura Reposado, and the Herradura Double Barrel Reposado.

Herradura Tequilas are available for purchase from Drinks Connexion.

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