The Bar Awards Hong Kong & Macau 2019 Ranked Results: Here Are The Best Bars in Town

Another year, another new edition of The Bar Awards Hong Kong and Macau Now that The Old Man’s solid victory at Asia’s Best Bars 2019 has put the spotlight on the city, you can bet that all the bars in town were raring for their opportunity to shine. Weeks of judging and deliberation culminated at last night’s awards ceremony at Zuma, where we revealed the big winners of the local drinks industry across a record 17 categories!

The Bar Awards Luminaries

Presented by House of Angostura

Hong Kong’s bar scene wouldn’t be what it is today without the veterans; legends that helped built up the F&B industry and contributed to the continued development and growth of the local bar community. This year, The Bar Awards Luminaries are Tastings Group owner Charlene Dawes (aka the woman behind Quinary and one Michelin-starred VEA) and Sandeep Sekhri, the CEO of Dining Concepts, which runs some 30 restaurants and bars in Hong Kong. Way to go!

The Rising Star: Yiu Yvonne Chan – The Old Man

Presented by Perrier

The Rising Star award is always one of our favourites, because what better way to show appreciation and love to the industry’s trailblazing young guns? This year, we’ve got Yiu Yvonne Chan from The Old Man leading the charge, and we can’t wait to see how she helps push the community even further.

Other nominees in the Top 10:

2. Robin Leung – COA
3. Kshitiz Gurung – Stockton
4. Jake Mendoza – The Sea by The Old Man
5. Bikas Somai – Foxglove
6. Sabrina Cantini – Intercontinental
7. Ting Aira Chan – The Pontiac
8. Babit Pun – Foxglove
9. Jessica Kelterbaum – Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge
10. Laxmi Wutsman – Darkside

Restaurant Bar of the Year: Yardbird

Presented by Tito’s Handmade Vodka

More than eight years after opening, Yardbird remains as one of Hong Kong’s most influential F&B destinations: a chic Japanese-style izakaya where eating is as central as drinking. We’re talking yakitori against cocktails (try the mojito-inspired Yaki Lime) and sake on tap, at Hong Kong’s Restaurant Bar of the Year.

Other nominees in the Top 10:

2. 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana
3. John Anthony
4. Zuma
5. Vea Restaurant & Bar
6. Caprice Bar (Four Seasons)
7. Foxglove
8. 11 Westside
9. Lobster Bar & Grill (Island Shangri-La)
10. Potato Head

Beer Bar of the Year: The Globe

Presented by Peroni

The Globe is Hong Kong’s original gastropub, and now it’s Beer Bar of the Year. It’s new location is bigger, brighter, and the result is a homey bar with an elevated lounge space filled with books, games, and a huge plasma for film and sports. As for beer, think nine taps on tap at any time with residencies from the likes of Leffe Blonde, Brune, and Hong Kong’s own Typhoon 8.

Other nominees in the Top 10:

2. TAP – The Ale Project
3. Second Draft
4. Alvy’s
5. Little Creatures
6. Blue Supreme
7. Frites
8. Bobby’s Rabble
9. The Hair Of The Dog Bar & Restaurant 狗毛3
10. McSorley’s Ale House

Hotel Bar of the Year: PDT (The Landmark, Mandarin Oriental)

Presented by Restaurant, Pub and Bar Asia

The title of Hong Kong’s Hotel Bar of the Year once again goes to PDT at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental for the second year running. This intimate branch of the world-famous New York cocktail joint is a standout on its own, and it’s difficult to forget their extraordinary drinks. You’ll have to try the Big Fan, created for Hong Kong with locally-brewed Moonzen Fujian radler.

Other nominees in the Top 10:

2. Darkside (Rosewood)
3. Lobster Bar & Grill (Island Shangri-La)
4. Terrible Baby (Eaton)
5. Caprice (Four Seasons Hotel)
6. Red Sugar (Kerry Hotel)
7. M Bar (Mandarin Oriental)
8. Tiffany’s New York Bar (intercontinental Grand Stanford)
9. Captain’s Bar (Mandarin Oriental)
10. Café Gray Deluxe (The Upper House)

Specialist Concept of the Year: Sake Central

Presented by Lillet

No prizes for guessing what Sake Central is great at. Located in the historic Police Married Quarters, this Specialist Concept of the Year offers a massive variety of sake labels from small and large breweries both in and outside of Japan, served alongside tasty otsumami (snacks). Plus, a cultural pavilion, specialised brand displays, and handmade Japanese ceramics make everything a lot more fun.

Other nominees in the Top 10:

2. COA (Oxaca-inspired cocktail bar)
3. Draft Land (Cocktails on tap)
4. Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge (Rum)
5. Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour (Gin)
6. Whisky & Words (Whisky)
7. J.Boroski (No-menu cocktail bar)
8. Dai Bing (Ice and long drinks)
9. La Cabane Wine Bistro (Wine)
10. Ping Pong Gintonería (Gin tonic)

Hospitality Ambassador of the Year: Owen Gibler – Employees Only

Presented by GH Mumm

Owen Gibler is the beverage director at Employees Only Hong Kong, and he’s now the city’s Hospitality Ambassador of the Year. Having opened Pouring Ribbons in New York City and Employees Only in Singapore, there’s no denying this lively bartender knows a thing or five about good old hospitality.

Other nominees in the Top 10:

2. Jay Khan – COA
3. Ajit Gurung – Stockton
4. Ryan Nightingale – The Shady Acres
5. Agung Prabowo – The Old Man
6. Devender Kumar – 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana
7. Gerry Olino – Ming Fat Group
8. Arkadiusz Rybak – Darkside (Rosewood)
9. Kit Chueng – Perfume Trees Gin
10. Mario Calderone – Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge

Hospitality Team of the Year – Macau: Antica Trattoria

Presented by Wild Turkey

There’s no bar in Macau as relaxed and laidback as Antica Trattoria, which presents lush old world vibes complemented with wonderful cocktails that pay homage to the flavours of Italy. Now with the title of Hospitality Team of the Year – Macau in their grasp, you can bet you’ll leave feeling like a member of the family.

Other nominees in the Top 4:

2. Vida Rica (Mandarin Oriental Macau)
3. The Macallan Bar (Galaxy)
4. Ritz Carlton Bar & Lounge

Hospitality Team of the Year – Hong Kong: The Wise King

Presented by Hendrick’s Gin

Founded by two veteran mixologists, Joe Villanueva and Sandeep Kumar, The Wise King is Hospitality Team of the Year – Hong Kong for good reason. Hidden off the Central Escalator, this little cocktail bar specialising in Spanish-inspired drinks fills up fast, but its friendly, warm service and hospitality never wane as the night progresses!

Other nominees in the Top 10:

2. Stockton
3. COA
4. Employees Only
5. Yardbird
6. The Old Man
7. 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana
8. Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour
9. Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge
10. The Globe

Cocktail of the Year: Quinary – Earl Grey Caviar Martini

Presented by DRiNK Magazine

Quinary, which won Hong Kong’s Bar of the Year in 2018, is back in the limelight with its kickass and crazily innovative drink: the Earl Grey Caviar Martini. With its tall white coiffe of aromatic Earl Grey-infused foam atop a layer of bright orange Earl Grey pearls, it’s no wonder why this zesty concoction is Cocktail of the Year.

Other nominees in the Top 10:

2. COA – La Paloma De Oaxaca
3. The Old Man – A Movable Feast
4. Zuma – Semei Sour
5. Stockton – The Berry Picker
6. Darkside (Rosewood) – Delicious Sour
7. Room 309 (The Pottinger) – Whisky Peach
8. Employees Only – EO Gimlet
9. Bar Buonasera – Lonely Holiday
10. Dragonfly – Dragon’s Pearl

Creative Cocktail Bar of the Year: Room 309 (The Pottinger)

Presented by Cointreau

Housed in The Pottinger Hotel, you could say Room 309 is a mixologist’s dream accommodation, and well, the new Creative Cocktail Bar of the Year. This 22-seater boozy paradise is run by the same people behind Quinary and VEA together with celebrity bartender Antonio Lai. We guarantee you’ll be impressed by his Invisible Menu, a collection of eight clear concoctions that sees everything from peanut butter to banana concentrate.

Other nominees in the Top 10:

2. COA
3. Darkside (Rosewood)
4. The Old Man
5. The Sea by The Old Man
6. Fang Fang
7. The Wise King
8. Quinary
9. Stockton
10. J. Boroski

New Bar of the Year: Darkside (Rosewood)

Presented by Campari

Paying homage to Kowloon’s “Dark Side” moniker, DarkSide is as sophisticated as it gets. Complementing its extensive library of rare aged spirits (think single-harvest tawny port from 1969 and Grande Champagne cognac aged in oak) is sultry live jazz, and you’ll find a concise classic cocktail focusing on rum, whisky, and Calvados updated with modern techniques. Such is the New Bar of the Year.

Other nominees in the Top 10:

2. The Wise Kings
3. Draft Land
4. Whisky & Words
5. The Sea by The Old Man
6. Room 309 (The Pottinger)
7. Franks
8. John Anthony
9. Terrible Baby (Eaton)
10. Dragonfly

Bartender of the Year – Macau: Jacob Shteyntsayg – Vida Rica (Mandarin Oriental Macau)

Presented by Hendrick’s Gin

Jacob Shteyntsayg is the mastermind behind the groundbreaking Legends & Cocktails art menu at Vida Rica, where he’s led the team for around a year now. Equipped with a penchant for local ingredients (like honey from Zhuhai), Macau’s Bartender of the Year has an infectious aura of positivity around him as he pulls out all the stops to satisfy the customer, and we can’t help but admire that.

Other nominees in the Top 4:

2. Billy Xie – China Rouge (Galaxy)
3. Suman Gurung – Ritz Carlton Bar & Lounge
4. Bruno Santos – Antica Trattoria

Bartender of the Year – Hong Kong: Jay Khan – COA

Presented by Monkey Shoulder

Winning the title of Hong Kong’s Bartender of the Year for the second year running, Jay Khan is the man behind the acclaimed Mexican spirits and cocktails at COA. The inaugural winner of the Restaurant, Pub and Bar Asia Bartender Invitational 2018 has some serious pedigree behind him, and he’s always ready to tell you the difference betwen raicilla, tuxca, and bacanora.

Other nominees in the Top 10:

2. Agung Prabowo – The Old Man
3. Arkadiusz Rybak – Darkside (Rosewood)
4. Natalie Lau – The Old Man
5. Joe Villanueva – The Wise King
6. Nick Tse – Bar Buonasera
7. Owen Gibler – Employees Only
8. Samuel Kwok – Quinary
9. Shelly Tai – Quinary
10. Adam Hrapko – Zuma

Bar of the Year, Hotel – Macau: Vida Rica (Mandarin Oriental Macau)

Presented by East Imperial

The chic hotel bar Vida Rica features a sleek marble, crystal, and chrome design coupled with an impressive view of Macau’s evening skyline: the prime setting for Bar of the Year – Macau. With three interactive sections serving cocktails, champagne, and tapas, you’ll find a bunch of cool signature cocktails inspired by old Macanese legends.

Other nominees in the Top 4:

2. The Macallan Bar (Galaxy)
3. Ritz Carlton Bar & Lounge
4. SW Steakhouse (Wynn Palace)

Bar of the Year, Non Hotel – Macau: Goa Nights

Presented by Remy Martin

The chill three-story Goa Nights in Taipa Village is marked by bohemian decor and a cozy balcony that overlooks all of the village. With its Indian tapas and vibrant cocktail programme celebrating exotic flavours (think gin infused with raw turmeric and egg white sprayed with port wine), it’s downright the perfect setting for a night out with friends, and obviously, Macau’s Bar of the Year (Non Hotel)!

Other nominees in the Top 4:

2. Antica Trattoria
3. Old Taipa Tavern
4. The Roadhouse

Bar of the Year – Hong Kong: The Old Man

Presented by Monin

The Old Man is on a serious roll, now taking up the mantle of Bar of the Year – Hong Kong just months after winning the top spot at the Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2019. This eclectic speakeasy in SoHo by famed Indonesian bartender Agung Prabowo comes inspired by Ernest Hemingway, and its latest menu sees 10 new experimental drinks named after his novels. With speedy service, impressive service, and immaculate drinks, these guys deserve everything they’re getting.

Other nominees in the Top 10:

2. COA
3. Quinary
4. PDT (The Landmark, Mandarin Oriental)
5. Stockton
6. The Wise King
7. Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour
8. Employees Only
9. Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge
10. The Globe

The Bar Awards might soon be coming to a city near you! Stay tuned here.


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