The Bar Awards Singapore 2019: The Ranked Results

Just as we ride off this season’s Singapore Michelin Guide high, awards season enters tipple territory with The Bar Awards Singapore 2019 (and World’s 50 Best Bars to follow in London this Thursday!). Boozers, barflies, and barons of the night came together in celebration, as we crowned our winners with well-deserved recognition at Zouk. With so much creativity, confidence, and alcohol in one room, the night ahead was bound for glorious revelry, and maybe a touch of folly. As for our awardees, here they are!

The Bar Awards Luminaries

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of things, we first honoured the change-makers of the industry, who bring more depth, complexity and flavour to Singapore’s bar scene than the best Negroni in town. Always in search of his next greatest idea, Aki Eguchi, master mixologist and Director of Drinks from Jigger & Pony Group, is a necessary addition. We also give major props to Shahmil Lim, owner and co-founder of mobile bartending concept Barstylez – for bringing the party anywhere and everywhere it’s needed. And if anyone knows American craft beer, it’s Beerstyle’s Winston Kwang, an industry veteran that we simply can’t go without.

The Rising Star: Carmen Cheang, Gibson

Presented by Perrier

We love a good character arc, and nothing makes for a sweet first win much like getting crowned The Rising Star of an industry. Gibson’s Carmen Cheang snagged the win for the night, and it goes without saying that expectations are sky-high for even greater things to come.

This Year’s Top Ten:

1 Carmen Cheang – Gibson
2 Benedict Poh – The Monarchy
3 Mark Ng – Junior The Pocket Bar
4 Demitria Dana Paramita – SKAI, Swissôtel The Stamford
5 Yong Wei Chong – Native
6 Joash Conceicao – Jigger & Pony
7 Sylvia Shu Yi Chong – Atlas
8 Wei De Chee – The Single Cask
9 Michelle Ki – Chihuly Lounge, The Ritz-Carlton Singapore
10 Kaustubh Singh Negi – The Old Man Singapore

Restaurant Bar of the Year: Tippling Club

Presented by Tito’s Handmade Vodka

When it comes to food and drink, Tippling Club’s got it in the bag. Head Bartender Andrew Loudon‘s penchant for eclectic cocktail menus and whimsical gastronomy are heavily featured in their latest menu, A Guide To Modern Drinking, which honours “The Chef of Kings and The King of Chefs”, Auguste Escoffier.

This Year’s Top Ten:

1 Tippling Club
2 Caffe Fernet
3 Neon Pigeon
4 Employees Only Singapore
5 Burnt Ends
6 JAM at Siri House
7 Le Bon Funk
8 Humpback
9 CUT by Wolfgang Puck
10 Butcher Boy

Beer Bar of the Year: The Guild

Presented by Peroni

When colonial architecture, East-West fusion food, and some of Hong Kong’s highest rated craft beers meet, you get The Guild. Conceptualised by the award-wining Young Master Ales, this is the ultimate place for a yummy cold beer: savour a mouth-watering Cha Chaan Teng Gose (4%, S$8++ for 200ml), or kick back with a Classic Pale Ale (5%, S$8++ for 200ml).

This Year’s Top Ten:

1 The Guild
2 Smith Street Taps
3 Freehouse
4 American Taproom
5 Ice Cold Beer
6 Good Luck Beerhouse
7 Druggists
8 Alchemist Beer Lab
9 Heart of Darkness Singapore
10 Little Creatures Singapore

Hotel Bar of the Year: Manhattan, Regent Singapore Hotel

Presented by Fever-Tree

There’s a special place in our hearts for Regent Singapore Hotel’s Manhattan Bar. With spirit-forward, era-driven cocktails and Gatsby-like furnishings, it’s making time travellers of us all. Their latest menu is a labour of love from new Bar Manager David Nguyen-Luu, and a testament to New York’s turn of the new century.

This Year’s Top Ten:

1 Manhattan, Regent Singapore Hotel
2 MO Bar, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Singapore
3 Origin Grill & Bar, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore
4 Idlewild, InterContinental Singapore
5 Anti:Dote, Swissôtel The Stamford
6 SKAI, Swissôtel The Stamford
7 Madame Fan, JW Marriott Singapore South Beach
8 The Bar at 15 Stamford, The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore
9 Chihuly Lounge, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
10 KOMYUNITI, Yotel Singapore

Specialist Concept of the Year: RVLT

Presented by Restaurant, Pub and Bar Asia

Founded by veterans sommeliers Alvin Gho and Ian Lim, WINE RVLT brings a new energy to vino. From grower Champagnes to an amphora-aged Zibbibo, expect the unexpected and embrace the weird and wonderful, all the while getting in on the good food.

This Year’s Top Ten:

1 RVLT – Wine
2 Native – Regionality
3 Atlas – Gin
4 La Maison Du Whisky Singapore – Whisky
5 Brass Lion Distillery – Gin
6 Orihara Shoten – Sake and Japanese Liquors
7 The Single Cask – Whisky
8 The Auld Alliance – Whisky
9 The Secret Mermaid – American Spirits
10 La Terre – Wine

Brand Ambassador of the Year: Jay Gray, Monkey Shoulder, William Grant & Sons

Presented by Singapore Cocktail Festival

Jay’s come a long way since his days cleaning beer lines and moving heavy inanimate objects from place to place in his local pub. The bar trawling, self-proclaimed “Sip-ster” isn’t all talk – even though he can do that for hours – he’s been through the works at Brass Monkey, Worship St. Whistling Shop, and Baxter Inn, to name a few.

This Year’s Top Ten:

1 Jay Gray – Monkey Shoulder, William Grant & Sons
2 Sam Ng – Four Pillars Gin
3 Charmaine Ann Thio – Hendrick’s Gin, William Grant & Sons
4 Symphony Loo – Campari, Campari Group
5 Denise Khan Tan – Bacardi Rum, Bacardi-Martini
6 Chris Marshall – Distilled
7 Scott Fitzgerald – Cointreau, Rémy Cointreau
8 Kasster Soh – The Mad Tapper
9 Din Hassan – Black Tears Rum
10 Chloe Wood – Bruichladdich Whisky, Rémy Cointreau

Hospitality Ambassador of the Year: Andrew Yap, The Old Man Singapore

Presented by Demonio De Los Andes Pisco

Managing Partner and Founder of The Old Man Singapore, Andrew Yap, is the brains behind bar operations. Goal-oriented with a razor-sharp eye for detail, he stands by his ethos of perfecting the guest experience, placing priority in faultless hospitality.

This Year’s Top Ten:

1 Andrew Yap – The Old Man Singapore
2 Guoyi Gan – Jigger & Pony
3 Vijay Mudaliar – Native
4 Colin Chia – Nutmeg & Clove
5 Bannie Kang – Anti:Dote, Swissôtel The Stamford
6 Jerrold Khoo – Jigger & Pony
7 Michele Mariotti – MO Bar, Mandarin Oriental Singapore
8 Gabriel Carlos – Manhattan, Regent Singapore Hotel
9 Arun Prashant – The Swan Song
10 Jeremie Tan – The Wall Singapore

Hospitality Team of the Year: Manhattan, Regent Singapore Hotel

Presented by Hendrick’s Gin

It really takes a village, doesn’t it? Especially if the child you’re raising is the uber-luxe Manhattan Bar at the Regent Singapore. Kudos to the team who make it possible, led by Bar Manager David Nyuen-Luu and Head Bartender Sophia Kang, for staying true to the spirit of, well, spirits, and keeping a constant effort to make guests feel at home.

This Year’s Top Ten:

1 Manhattan, Regent Singapore Hotel
2 Jigger & Pony
3 The Old Man Singapore
4 The Other Room
5 Employees Only Singapore
7 Skinny’s Lounge
8 Bitters & Love
9 Orihara Shoten
10 Praelum Wine Bistro

Creative Cocktail Bar of the Year: Native

Presented by Cointreau

It can’t get any more creative than ants (deliberately) in a cocktail, can it? Native‘s been known for staying on top of sustainable practices by sourcing for regional ingredients regional. They’ve also been known to put up a pretty weird cocktail or two, like fish eggs and sake. But hey, if it’s good, there’s no reason not to reach out of bounds in search of greatness.

This Year’s Top Ten:

1 Native
2 Tippling club
4 Operation Dagger
5 The Old Man Singapore
6 Gibson
7 MO Bar, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Singapore
8 Origin Grill & Bar, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore
9 Smoke & Mirrors
10 No Sleep Club

New Bar of the Year: The Old Man Singapore

Presented by Campari

Hong Kong’s Ernest Hemingway-themed bar (Yes, this year’s No. 1 Bar in Asia) has understandably made waves, but its Singapore outpost is not one to ride on cocktail coat-tails. Less than a year since its official opening in March, The Old Man Singapore has now snapped up the award for New Bar of the Year.

This Year’s Top Ten:

1 The Old Man Singapore
2 Idlewild, InterContinental Singapore
3 RPM by D.Bespoke
4 MO Bar, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Singapore
6 SKAI, Swissôtel The Stamford
7 Platform.
8 The Bar at 15 Stamford , The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore
9 JAM at Siri House
10 The Other Roof

Bartender of the Year: Bannie Kang, Anti:Dote, Swissôtel The Stamford

Presented by Monkey Shoulder

Friendly and approachable, with a mind-blowing talent for mixology. Bannie Kang is undisputedly 2019’s Bartender of the Year for good reason. On top of her friendly face and spotless reputation, the Head Bartender at Anti:Dote, Swissôtel The Stamford, just got back from her champion win at the World Class Bartender of the Year competition, adding to her (already long) list of awards and accolades.

This Year’s Top Ten:

1 Bannie Kang – Anti:Dote, Swissôtel The Stamford
2 Vijay Mudaliar – Native
3 Jerrold Khoo – Jigger & Pony
4 Anthony Zhong – Shin Gi Tai
5 Andrew Loudon – Tippling Club
6 Sophia Kang – Manhattan, Regent Singapore Hotel
7 Leon Tan – Native
8 Jiawei Bai – Employees Only Singapore
9 Adam Bursik – Origin Grill & Bar, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore
10 Yijun Juan – No Sleep Club

Bar of the Year: Jigger & Pony

Presented by Monin

Wrapping things up, Jigger & Pony take home the Bar of the Year. It’s a big year for the group, having also climbed 33 spots up to the top ten bars in Asia, and simultaneously clinching the title of 2019’s Highest Climber on the Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2019 list.

This Year’s Top Ten:

1 Jigger & Pony
2 Manhattan, Regent Singapore Hotel
3 Native
4 The Old Man Singapore
5 Atlas
6 28 HongKong Street
7 Nutmeg & Clove
8 Tippling Club
9 Shin Gi Tai

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