The Orientalist Spirits Encapsulate The Best Of Asia In A Bottle

There is no lack of distilleries and brands to choose from when it comes to spirits, and for a long time, the market has been dominated by larger commercial brands targeted at the mass market. Recently though, we’ve seen an increase in the number of small-batch distilleries both around Asia and in Singapore interpret Western spirits through an Asian lens, carving out a niche for themselves through magnificent flavour profiles.

One such distillery is The Orientalist Spirits, founded by industry veteran Michel Lu.

Founder Michel Lu

The craft spirits company has recently launched one of the first truly pan-Asian range of spirits that embraces the full potential of the region and the vast array of Asian botanicals. We’ve had the opportunity to get a first look and taste of the beautifully crafted bottles from Orientalist Spirits – The Orientalist Origins Vodka and The Orientalist Dragon Whisky.

The Orientalist Origins Vodka

The Orientalist Origins Vodka stands out from other vodkas through its innovative use of organic longan honey from Thailand, Tibetan highland barley, and nine varieties of premium potatoes blended with the soft and delicate spring water that is filtered through natural volcanic rocks from Kagoshima, Japan. Imbibed chilled on its own, the first thing that catches your attention is the slight hint of sweetness. It certainly adds character and depth to a spirit that’s often neglected due to a lack of defining flavours and muddled down with mixers.

The vodka really shines when used as a component in simple cocktails, such as the Vodka Martini. The longan honey complements the botanical notes from the vermouth, and it’s best garnished with a twist of lemon for that light citrus aftertaste. The end result is a remarkable concoction well suited for any occasion. 

The Orientalist Dragon Whisky

The Orientalist Dragon Whisky brings together a blend from the three most acclaimed whisky regions of Asia – Japan, Taiwan, and India. Carefully selected, the 8-year-old blend is double wood-matured in bourbon followed by sherry wood in northern Taiwan, where the humid sub-tropical climate accelerates the barrel ageing process. Drinking it neat, the dark flavours from the bourbon and sherry wood are very pronounced, and over time, the subtle peatiness and spice reveals itself, lingering all so gently as the deep amber liquid coats your mouth. Whisky lovers will definitely feel right at home with this familiar yet novel liquid. 

The Orientalist Spirits wonderfully celebrates and encapsulates the essence of Asia’s rich potential in every bottle, and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for 2020 and beyond. 

The Orientalist Origins Vodka and The Orientalist Dragon Whisky can be found online as well as at select bars. 

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