Tippling Club Singapore Unveils ‘Tippling Sake’ Together With Yasumoto Shuzo Brewery

Tippling Club in Singapore has come together with specialist sake purveyor Mead Asia and sake brewery Yasumoto Shuzo to release the Tippling Sake, a sake made with wine yeast instead of the usual sake yeast. This comes after the award-winning restaurant bar’s own limited expression, the Sons of Tippling gin, produced in collaboration Australia’s Old Young Distillery last year. So yes, they’re on quite a roll.

Wine yeast-based sakes are not exactly a new thing, but it’s still an unusual thing to find in Singapore. Yasumoto Shuzo, the same Fukui brewery behind the popular Hakugakusen brand of sake, uses the same wine yeast that wineries in Yamanashi Prefecture would use to ferment wine. The difference? It takes longer to make sake with wine yeast (between 40 and 50 days as compared to around 30 days with regular sake yeast), but the result is a cleaner tasting saker due to the smaller production of unwanted bacteria and lactic acid. To add, the wine yeast lends to a slightly sweeter sake with a bit of natural acidity.

The new Tippling Sake, which is available for purchase for S$75++ at Tippling Club, is a junmai ginjo with relatively mild acidity and crispiness. The wine yeast lends to a funky nose of apricot and sweet plum, and you get delicate nashi pear and melon on the palate. Yasumoto also uses premium gohyakumangoku rice, imparting a subdued nuttiness. The sake pairs particularly well with the food at Tippling Club, which embraces all the latest techniques in modern gastronomy to produce elaborate flavour and textural combinations. Later this year, the sake will feature at ma-ho-ro-ba, a new Japanese-inspired dining concept by Tippling Club’s chef-owner Ryan Clift.

Takeshi Yasumoto, Owner and Head Brewer at Yasumoto Shuzo

Aside from the Tippling Sake, Yasumoto Brewery has a number of other sakes that have been fermented with wine yeast since 2017, and they remain one of the very few breweries in Japan to do so. The “Hakugakusen Wine Cell”, as Yasumoto Shuzo’s owner and head brewer Takeshi Yasumoto calls it, is about finding new possibilities in the world of sake. He marries traditional brewing methods with modern data management to achieve an ideal level of flavour and fragrance in a complicated process (from managing raw ingredients and polishing to maturation, bottling, and storage) that can only be described as the Yasumoto sake brewing method.

The Tippling Sake is retailing at S$75++ per bottle at Tippling Club, 38 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088461, p. +65 6475 2217.

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