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The Buzz

Known for it’s ever-changing menus that push the boundary of craft mixology, Tippling Club is a familiar name in Singapore. And Tippling Club is not unfamiliar to The Bar Awards too, having won Restaurant Bar of the Year again this year. They’ve recently launched a new cocktail menu inspired by the classical French dishes of Auguste Escoffier – “The Chef of Kings and The King of Chefs”. Conceptualised and concocted by chef-owner Ryan Clift and head bartender Andrew Loudon, A Guide To Modern Drinking is a tongue-in-cheek play on the name of Escoffier’s first cookbook and features 12 cocktails that focus on the key moments in his illustrious career.

The Setting

Spanning three shophouse units along Tanjong Pagar Road with a bar, dining room, and a private dining area upstairs, Tippling Club has spared no expense in bringing affordable avant-garde to the neighbourhood, and it’s the ideal destination for everyday dining and drinking. The atmosphere is intimate, to say the least. Bottles hang above the bar counter, and the wonderful mishmash of couches, stools, and chairs give the restaurant-bar a subtle, playful vibe without losing its contemporary tone.

The Drinks


Following the footsteps of Escoffier as he radically simplified food service through the use of seasonal ingredients, Tippling Club has designed a tipple-worthy tribute to every dish. Kicking off our libation journey into the world of Escoffier is the Titanic (S$25++), a cocktail inspired by Escoffier’s involvement in the ill-fated voyage. Having designed the elaborate food menus with his staff who later perished on the voyage, Escoffier made sure that the widows and children were well taken care off. In this concoction of marsala, scotch, white port, and vermouth, this intense cocktail with a slight hint of spice is not for the faint-hearted. Accompanying the cocktail is a piece of rice paper printed with a picture of the Titanic that’s filled with plum pudding, a nod to the last dessert served on board the ship.

Next, the Poire Helene (S$25++). Named after the operetta La belle Helene by Jacques Offenbach, it is a refreshing mix of pear, almond, rum, cognac, and carbonation brought to life with lactose. This clear but creamy cocktail is easy to drink and it evoked a nostalgic vibe by reminding us of Solero ice cream, a childhood grocery store favourite. Poire Helene comes with a delectable garnish too – upon sinking your teeth into the little pear, you’ll find a rush of vanilla escaping through a thin shell of chocolate.

Poire Helene and Three Emperors

We end with the Three Emperors (S$25++), named after the famous Dîner des trois empereurs prepared by Chef Adolphe Dugléré for King William I of Prussia, Tsar Alexander II, and prince Otto Von Bismarck. Oak, shiraz, vodka, lillet, and botanicals are aged using soundwaves to create a potent, smoky concoction fit for kings. Reportedly, Tsar Alexander II complained about not having foie gras during the dinner, and because it wasn’t customary to have it during June, each emperor was sent a terrine of it during October. This is faithfully recreated with a morsel of vegan foie gras that tastes exactly like the real deal.


To complement the new cocktail menu, Tippling Club has also launched a bar snack menu aptly named A Guide To Modern Snacking. Look forward to luxurious bites such as the Poached Foie Gras Terrine (S$26++) and the Crispy Red Wine Braised Pigs Ear (S$19++) as you sip the night away.

Venue Details

Address: 38 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088461
Phone: +65 6475 2217
Website: http://www.tipplingclub.com
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12pm – 12am. Closed Sun.

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